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It's all about high-end pre/post audio production services based on that awesome sound quality that only true analog equipment can deliver. Today's digital plugin technology continues to attempt emulating the sonic quality of true analog valve driven signal processing, but just doesnÕt come close. Combining this fleet of smokin' hot rack mounted hardware with our fully refurbished vintage classic microphone collection, authentic stereo valve plate reverberation tank, hot rodded tape machines, genuine leslie tremelo cabinet, custom valve direct boxes with a retro stack and hot-wired guitar amp collection, we're talking mad saturation ... yet still a clean, bold and transparent sonic quality. With the use of our rich sounding and proper symetrical room acoustics working simultaneously, you'll hear your music like youÕve never heard it before. It's that openness and detail that comes from the sheer force of pure sound that is intensly powerful. When engineered to perfection, it mesmerizes.
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